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As a resident of this planet for more than four fifths of a century, I have enjoyed both successes and disappointments in a wide variety of vocations, avocations, and life experiences. This blog satisfies my desire to share some thoughts and observations--trenchant and prosaic--with those who are searching for diversions which are interesting, poignant and occasionally funny. I also plan to share recommendations about good/great movies I've watched and books and articles which I've found particularly mind-opening, entertaining, instructive. In addition, I can't pass up the opportunity to reflect publicly on how I am experiencing the so-called Golden Years. Write anytime:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Boils down to money in politics I fear. Greed too. And look at what the message is from Ferguson, MO as of last night--from the bottom end of the 90% economically and those who feel disenfranchised or ignored or persecuted because of their color/race. The amount of evident hate is scary and discouraging, especially so when the governing class will "little note nor long remember…" after the glass is swept up and the tear gas smoke clears. Nothing to celebrate in Ferguson this Thanksgiving.

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