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As a resident of this planet for more than four fifths of a century, I have enjoyed both successes and disappointments in a wide variety of vocations, avocations, and life experiences. This blog satisfies my desire to share some thoughts and observations--trenchant and prosaic--with those who are searching for diversions which are interesting, poignant and occasionally funny. I also plan to share recommendations about good/great movies I've watched and books and articles which I've found particularly mind-opening, entertaining, instructive. In addition, I can't pass up the opportunity to reflect publicly on how I am experiencing the so-called Golden Years. Write anytime:

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I love this view of the earth and, therefore, of myself from millions of miles away.


About the time I get upset because the power goes out in my apartment building, and the elevators and my computer cease to function, I need to think of this pale blue dot.

Any time I hear people railing about Obamacare or Justice Roberts or Romney's Mormonism, I should try to think about this pale blue dot.

When I join with my fellows in mourning the loss of their homes and valued possessions in our forest fire--"things" they value and rescue from the flames and take to a new home, there to fall victim to the ravages of time and disinterest, I need to think of this pale blue dot.

What is important?  What makes a difference? Republicans, Democrats, health care, the color of bridesmaid dresses, Syria v. Turkey, pollution clouds hanging over China, glamping with Bieber, a new model Android, the death of an old tortoise, the calories in my evening ice cream, a new App, detritus from Japan's tsunami washing up on Oregon's coasts, Miley Cyrus and her dog Ziggy, the oil change my car needs? Think of the pale blue dot, Mark.

Perspective--I find that I need to spend more time considering my life in the context of the pale blue dot and its history, and savoring my place here and the miniscule duration of my allotted time.

Oops--must go: the microwave timer just buzzed-- my leftovers are ready.