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As a resident of this planet for more than four fifths of a century, I have enjoyed both successes and disappointments in a wide variety of vocations, avocations, and life experiences. This blog satisfies my desire to share some thoughts and observations--trenchant and prosaic--with those who are searching for diversions which are interesting, poignant and occasionally funny. I also plan to share recommendations about good/great movies I've watched and books and articles which I've found particularly mind-opening, entertaining, instructive. In addition, I can't pass up the opportunity to reflect publicly on how I am experiencing the so-called Golden Years. Write anytime:

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Here are a couple of words that cause me to grit my teeth and mutter under my breath.  So please add them to my previous post on this topic.

Rock used as a transitive verb, as in "you really rock that sweater" or "I rocked the SAT's" or "I sure rocked that pizza."

Channel is often used as a verb that apparently draws on its roots in the psychic or fortune teller world. "Obama is channeling Bill Clinton" or "Def Leppard is trying to channel the Rolling Stones."

Chops appears to be something you earn, not eat or demand from your barber, or do to liver. Rather it appears to refer to technical expertise, particularly (not always) in music, as in "he doesn't have the chops to try that solo" or "she earned her chops while working as the baker's assistant."

Even writing this blog is giving me a headache, so before I start down that slippery slope, please pass me an Advil or pain reliever substitute.

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