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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This is an incredible piece of interpretive writing by Chris Hedges who, in the recent past, has spoken more consistently, bravely, honestly, and articulately about the greatness and ills of America than any other observer of the contemporary scene.  Here, Hedges uses Melville's classic story of the great white whale pursued relentlessly the obsessive captain Ahab to provide us some insights into the character of America and Americans today. Through Hedges eyes, the American "voyage" is plagued by Ahab's character faults, suggesting that the end of the "hunt"may, like the Pequod,  not be a pleasant one for our country. Everything in me resonates with Hedges' interpretation. This makes me deeply sad because I see the symptoms of our malaise all around me every day--as well as ever-present in myself.

As you read, I hope that you will stay open to the insights contained in this article. I only wish that I could be sitting around a seminar table with you using this piece as the source material for a discussion class in American History.


We Are All Aboard the Pequod


Posted on Jul 7, 2013

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