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Friday, August 23, 2013


The following video is Bill Moyers at his best, and I couldn't agree more with his point of view. I share it with you--my readers and students--so that there will be no doubt in your minds about where I stand on this issue.

The power of the top economic 1% and of corporations is formidable indeed.  Look how much money was poured into the last election, and by whom. Look at the number of millionaires in the Congress. The world appears more and more to be run on "greased palms" and making "The Deal." Gauge the impact on a world where all transactions are zero sum games, and where quid pro quo dominates political as well as economic interactions.

Note that compromise has become as much an accepted way of life as outright lying, even when it is moral principles or the health and safety of other people--indeed of the planet itself--that get compromised. Self-advancement and getting "ME" ahead--at any cost--appears to be the goal of increasing numbers of my countrymen, especially those who share with me a history of being more or less privileged members of the American economic and social order.

So, you've been warned and, I hope, are in the process of becoming forearmed. Keeping yourself vigilant and well educated about public issues is a first step. Next, it is imperative to dig out the alliances as well as the vocalized beliefs of our political candidates. Who's really in bed with whom?

Finally, in a democracy, we all have a responsibility to defend ourselves against those who are trying to take advantage of us, put us down, take our vote, rule over us or enslave us in any way, and we also have an obligation to help defend and protect our less fortunate neighbors--irrespective of how they came to be less fortunate. Like it or not, we're all in this together.

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